60th Class Reunion Survey

Dear $first_name$,

It's hard to imagine, but we are nearing another milestone anniversary.  

Thoughts of a 60th Reunion are being mentioned, but before we begin the discussion we have a

few questions to ask.

Below is a survey created to establish if there is any interest in planning a 60th.

Will you help us by answering the questions below?  We respect your privacy, your individual

answers will not be shared.

Thank you.

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1)   * Are you interested in a 60th Reunion?

Yes No
2)   * Do you want to be involved in the planning?

Yes No
3)   * How can you be of help?

4)   Would you plan to attend?

5)   * What would make a great 60th celebration? Please share your ideas.

6)   * Please provide us with any additional reunion feedback