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Robert Kohansky

Robert Kohansky

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09/16/18 02:02 PM #1    

Gail Koondel (Burak)

I remember Bob as a tall, handsome really nice guy. I am so sad to realize that we have reached the age where we will continue to lose our contemporaries. Perhaps it’s time to have another reunion to reconnect with our old friends while we still can.  Gail (Koondel) Burak, Scarsdale, NY





09/17/18 08:07 AM #2    

Richard Steinberg

Yes, Bob was a really good guy!  I remember him in High School as a terrific athelete, being a key member of the basketball and football teams (and perhaps others as well).  He was friendly, with an ongoing sports orientation, and I believe he went on to work as a writer for Sports Illustrated (though as we know, memories aren't perfect!).  He was a great asset to our class.  Bob, we will miss you.  Your friend, Rick

09/17/18 11:26 AM #3    

Peter Olsen

I was fortunate to enter GNNSH in my mid teens. For a youth,at times, this is a difficult transition especially moving into such a wonderful community. Bob ( who I remember as Koho sp?) was one of the first students to to extend a hand shake and welcomed me to the school. I will always remember Bob for his kindness and friendship. Thank you Bob and RIP.

09/17/18 02:07 PM #4    

Chuck (Charles) Krohn

sadly, Gail is correct in that we are losing our classmates much too fast. A reunion, formal or informal is in order. We should do this soon. Maybe just rent a place and all who can, show up. This could be our last chance



09/17/18 10:16 PM #5    

Oliver Herz

Until Bob moved in the third grade we were neighbors, our back yards and neighborhoods separated by a long chainlink fence which we would climb to see one another. His folks treated me as family. We would renew our friendship in highschool. Nate Taylor and I set up a makeshift gym in my laundry room. It was merely a flimsey chinning bar made from a broomstick, a wooden bench and a set of Dan Lurie weights, which I have to this day. Bob and Bruce Paul joined our "club" for workouts and we all kept in touch after graduation. A memorable event was a party Bob attended in my basement, where another, not to be named classmate, found some of my folks' liquor behind the bar, experimented with alcohol for the first time and passed out. While we have emailed since his retirement in Florida I last saw Bob in 1975 at my clinic in Jersey with his ailing golden retriever on his way to the U of P Veterinary Hospital. "In Good Company", starring Scarlett Johansson and Dennis Quaid,  a movie co-written and co-produced by his daughter, is loosely based on his life. I've just reviewed some past communications and am reminded what a privilege it was to know him.

09/18/18 04:01 PM #6    

Andrew Vlady

A few weeks after our 50th Reunion in October 2011, Bob Kohansky wrote me a warm message and we continued an update-and-nostalgia-exchange throughout November. 

“I didn’t attend the 50th reunion for a number of reasons,” Bob wrote, “but I do reflect on the profiles and pictures of the past.”  He also wrote, “Amazing how certain things remain in your mind.” And here are some in Bob Kohansky's own write:

 “One thing stands out from Arrandale [forth grade]… I ran home from school after getting beaten up by a kid named…. He was older and bigger than us (due to his being left back a couple of times) and he also punched the teacher. That was the last time I ever got beaten up like that and when I ran into the same kid in Little Neck during high school years he was unbelievably apologetic…needles to say I was much bigger than him and he wanted no part of me. I probably owe him big thanks because after that incident I vowed never to eat dirt again and learned through martial arts and body building how to take care of myself. As an afterthought, my son was a great athlete while growing up in Roslyn…" 

“I truly miss the GN of our youth…it was indeed mid-America but obviously wealthier. I believe we lived there in the best of times.…Do you remember in the old village… Vinnies, Dicks, Shapiros Stationary, Gilliers and Weiners?"

“GN is not the same today. The demographics have vastly changed…60% of North is Iranian/Persian and 40% of south is Asian. Those tell a big tale but the sad thing is that neither group wants to assimilate into society. The dividing line between the 2 schools is now Northern Blvd.”

“I think I told you that I was a volunteer football coach at GNS for 6 years and truly enjoyed giving back to the community. But really observed the changes at both North and South.”

“I like to remember the good things about the past and not the bad, re: the present.”

“I’m enjoying retirement but do miss spending quality time with my kids and grandchildren who live in L. A. and London.”

09/19/18 10:10 AM #7    

Larry Finch (Finch)

[Posting for Carl Miller]

Bob Kohansky was a good friend of mine. We met when I moved to Great Neck in 1960. We spent the first New Years Eve together later that year by going from party to party that some of our classmates were having. Then, in the Summer of 1961 we were life guards together at Saddle Rock Estates. We stayed in touch thru the years, and became even closer when I joined Muttontown Country Club, where he had already been a member. When I left the club in 1992, we saw a lot less of each other. I must say that he was the best friend I ever had. I will truly miss him. I wish his wife Wendy and their children all the best. If you could tell me when he passed, and how, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Carl Miller 

09/19/18 03:51 PM #8    

Warren Lieberfarb

As the years go by the memories of our classmates become more distant.  However, Bob was one of those people whose personae is indelible.  A great athlete and a friend  to all that were not bestowed with his prowess.  He will defintely be remembered with fond memories

09/20/18 07:41 PM #9    

Bambe (Barbara) Levine

Bob Kohansky was the nicest guy ever!.  He always wore smile and said hello in the hallways.  I remember his working for Sports Illustrated at about the same time I was working for Woman's Day.  You knew he'd make his way in the world and find success and happiness everywhere he went. What a loss to all those who knew him. I can see his smile now!

Bambe (Barbara) Levine

09/21/18 12:36 AM #10    

Bruce Paul


 Though our parents were friends, Bob, Alan Cirker and I  didn’t really connect until we attended the University of Buffalo. Bob injured his knee playing freshman football but was able to pitch for the varsity baseball team.He was a standout fraternity athlete , too.   Sports was a large part of his college and later life. We shared an apartment our senior year and it was a blast. We remained very good friends for the next fifty years. 

Bob worked at Sports Illustrated Magazine for over thirty years. His avocation became his vocation  .As a sales executive he took his clients to many sports events including the Olympics, The Masters, World Series, NCAA Final Four, Kentucky Derby, etc. I remember he and I going to Yankee Stadium when Mickey Mantle was honoured. He took me to Lime Rock to go racing when a client was a no show. I remember spinning out . Bob really enjoyed his job. who wouldn’t.

Bob and his wife Wendy lived in Roslyn and were members of Muttontown Country Club. She was club champion in tennis and golf many times. When Bob retired from Sports Illustrated he was a volunteer football coach for Great Neck South.

Bob’s greatest achievement was raising two very successful children.  Gregg,  who has 3 children was a spectacular high school athlete who was offered many college scholarships. He graduated from Yale where he was the captain of the golf team. He then played golf for Oxford University in England where he received his MBA. He works in finance in London. His daughter Kerry graduated from NYU Film School and now lives in California. She is a very successful movie film producer with titles including Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Addmissions, and Boy Errassed which is now playing in movie theatres. My favourite movie which she wrote and produced is In Good Company. It was a big box office success and is about Bob. Dennis Quaid plays Bob in the movie.  Kerry has 2 beautiful children.

Ten years ago he moved to the St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, where my wife Amy and I also reside. Wendy again is the club golf champion. Bob was a fixture on the golf course and the gym. Three years ago he was the clubs mvp in the clubs color war event.

Certainly Bob lived a  meaningful and wonderful life. As strong and fit as he was, a rare form of cancer took his life after a three year fight . My family and I will surely miss Bob as will his family and many friends.



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