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April 23, 2020: About Errol Rappaport, from Suzanna Bowling

The new accessory thanks to the COVID -19 virus is a facemask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that if you are going out into public, a cloth mask is required. Governor Cuomo is now requiring all New Yorkers that is you go out, you need to wear a mask. If you go shopping at Trader Joe’s, you will not be let into the store without a face mask. This is the new normal. 

Thanks to my friend Errol Rappaport, here is a way to make a face mask in less than 5 minutes using a scarf and two scrounges. Now you can incorporate your own style. See the video:

Errol’s parent were both designers. David Rappaport founded Damon Creations in 1942. The company made men’s knitwear and neckties. Francesca for Damon was a women’s line, designed by David’s wife, Francesca. The line was made up of easy to wear, but stylish dresses made from fine Italian wool knit. The Rappaports sold the business in 1988.

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